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by Sibylle Baier
Sibylle Baier


William was said to be a bad boy
met him behind the leaf of a door
William was
the saddest boy I ever saw
talked to me
talked to me
with his invisible tears

William was driving a dark blue car
at the moment but I'm sure he will change in a white one soon
talk to me
talk to me
let us have a green one too

promptly I took a fancy
for spending the rest of my days and nights with that boy
talk to me
talk to me
let us have a brandy or two

well, there's the heads of those
who turn away and those
who believe and believe in pure heart and hand

William must have a chorus in his heart and lilacs in his shoes
William is the sweetest boy I ever saw
talk to me
talk to me
Let us have a baby or two

Now that bad boy is away from me
but I don't mind that very much
cause when we meet again
talk to me
talk to me
let us have another day
or three

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