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Colour Green

by Sibylle Baier
Album: Colour Green


I'd been a girl and one dream frequented my late afternoons
saw me in NYC wearing a sweater colour green
So one night I sat down on a chair and knitted there
years after trying to live a woman's life
I met a friend who had a red haired wife
she said to me "woman I like your clothes"
come on and let us try both and take tender care
but when you need help i will be there

memories and seasons achieve their affairs
sometime in april the sweater I wear
sometime in april a letter I wrote
dear friend I think of you on the top of empire state
dear friend I'm lonesome
dear friend i've been well
how do you spell your name
the city has changed me
I'm no longer the same
wrote to me, "woman, I'd like to stay
liberty statue s'got so many stairs
but when you need help, I'll be there"

I'd been a girl and one dream frequented my late afternoon
saw me in NYC wearing the sweater colour green

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This is Sibylle's Record Label. They are a really great bunch of people. You can purchase Colour Green directly from them.

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